Retro PC, old technology

Retro PC and other old technology

486/5x86 voltage regulator interposer
Interposer for running 3-volt CPUs such as Am5x86 or 486 DX4 in 5-volt only motherboards.
Created: 2022/12/04
Last modified: 2022/12/04

TefaBlaster - small MIDI module with WaveBlaster header
A small MIDI synthesis module with a WaveBlaster header for old ISA sound cards.
Created: 2022/10/08
Last modified: 2022/11/27

Diagnostic ISA card (POST card)
Diagnostic ISA POST card for debugging/repair of old motherboards. Built using mostly classic TTL logic. Displays hex data written to port 80h on a 2-digit 7-segment display.
Created: 2022/08/17
Last modified: 2022/11/27


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