Reviews, reverse engineering, modifications, repairs

Reviews, modifications, repairs, teardowns/reverse engineering (redrawn schematic diagrams of various devices)

Hantek DSO5102P
Dual channel digital storage oscilloscope - 1 Gsps, 100 MHz, 40 kpts. Review and bandwidth unlock tutorial (200 MHz - DSO5202P).
Created: 2019/02/04
Last modified: 2019/02/04

Power bank kit - 3x 18650
A cheap power bank kit. Doesn't meet rated specifications. White plastic case.
Created: 2017/05/15
Last modified: 2017/05/16

Enico MY-050500A charger
Generic Chinese USB charger. Quite noisy and unsafe.
Created: 2016/07/19
Last modified: 2016/07/21

Another power bank kit
A single 18650-powered power bank kit with a plastic case - review and diagram
Created: 2016/06/06
Last modified: 2016/06/20

Arduino Nano (Chinese clone)
A typical CH340G-based Arduino Nano clone from Ebay - reverse engineered schematic, blown diode repair
Created: 2016/05/20
Last modified: 2016/05/20

DIY power bank kit
A cheap cylindrical 1*18650 power bank kit - review and schematic diagram
Created: 2016/05/18
Last modified: 2016/06/20


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