High voltage projects

High voltage projects - documentation.

SSTC 6 - Small self-oscillating solid state Tesla coil
Self-oscillating Tesla coil with 3.4 MHz resonant frequency and tuned MOSFET gate drive.
Created: 2020/05/21
Last modified: 2020/12/25

Adjustable high voltage supply
Digitally controlled high voltage power supply, output voltage 500 V-5 kV, isolation test function.
Created: 2020/02/25
Last modified: 2021/02/23

VTTC I. - Vacuum tube Tesla coil
Vacuum tube Tesla coil based on PL500/PL504
Created: 2019/12/31
Last modified: 2019/12/31

Miniature high voltage transformer driver
Miniature driver for small high voltage flyback transformer, 555 based.
Created: 2019/07/16
Last modified: 2019/07/16

Universal ignition coil/flyback driver
IR2153 based ignition coil/flyback driver, adjustable on/off time, selectable frequency range
Created: 2018/12/28
Last modified: 2018/12/28

SSTC V. - Full bridge solid state Tesla coil with PLL
Full bridge (IRFP460N) + PLL driver based Tesla coil. 7.5 cm secondary diameter.
Created: 2018/12/28
Last modified: 2020/01/01

SSTC IV. - mini solid state Tesla coil
Mini solid state Tesla coil (3 cm secondary diameter)
Created: 2017/12/26
Last modified: 2017/12/26

High voltage transformer driver (555 based)
A simple NE555-based flyback driver with audio modulation.
Created: 2017/12/24
Last modified: 2017/12/24

Miniature half bridge - IR2153 based
A small half bridge high voltage transformer driver based on the IR2153 IC.
Created: 2017/11/15
Last modified: 2017/11/15

SSTC 2.1 - tiny solid state Tesla coil
Tiny self-oscillating solid state Tesla coil, upgraded version of SSTC II.
Created: 2017/10/24
Last modified: 2020/02/24

Mazzilli ZVS driver
A simple and efficient high voltage transformer driver
Created: 2017/03/11
Last modified: 2017/03/11

SSTC III. - Solid state Tesla coil
Another small solid state Tesla coil
Created: 2017/02/05
Last modified: 2017/03/11

SSTC II. - tiny solid state Tesla coil
Tiny self-oscillating solid state Tesla coil
Created: 2016/12/03
Last modified: 2016/12/18

Ignition coil driver
An ignition coil driver, TL494+MOSFET based.
Created: 2016/08/24
Last modified: 2017/02/03

Solid state Tesla coil I. - a small single-ended TC
Created: 2016/02/08
Last modified: 2017/05/31


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